Monday, February 26, 2007

Tyson's first bite

We started Tyson on cereal this month and he does not like it. He ate it once or twice for every 8 tries. It was really frustrating. So we gave that up and started him on veggies and now he likes those almost better than milk. He can eat a ton!!! Hopefully he won't still eat this much when he is a teenager!
humm. . . what's this?

I don't think I like this!

What did you give me??

Do I REALLY have to eat this??

Emma's birthday

On January 22 Emma turned 3 years old. She wanted to have a party more than anything so we decided to invite my cousin's children (we still haven't been able to figure out their relationship) who are all about the same age. They had a blast dressing up like Tinkerbell and playing games. It is so hard to believe that she is three and so opinionated too!!! She is not afraid to speak her mind and she NEVER forgets anything especially if you want her to.

Long time, no update

Typical Tyson face!!

Live has been so busy. We are so enjoying Stan being home. Tyson is growing so fast. He is almost 7 months and doing soo much. He loves to sit up and see what the world has to offer. At the end of January Tyson discovered how to skoot backwards. Now he gets so frustrated because he cannot go forward. Tyson is such a mama's boy. Mom leave his line of sight and he screams. Mom leaves the house without him and he is a grump until mom comes home. It is cute but getting old fast. Stan thinks so too!!!