Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas time adventures

Something Stan and I have always talked about doing it taking the kids downtown to see the lights and hear the Tabernacle Choir practice. Well this year we decided it was do or die. Of course we picked the worst night to go because between Springville and American Fork there were three accidents and little movement. It was nuts but we were going no matter what. We decided to take tracks and Emma loved it. Stan's sister Sarah came with us also. Once we finally got downtown we decided to walk around the lights before going to the choir. Tyson loved the lights! He kept oooohing and aaahhhing. It was pretty cute. It also was not that crowded which was nice. Then we went to the Conference Center and it was amazing!!! Stan and I have never been inside it before and it was just cool! The feeling as you walk it was close to the same feeling as going to the temple. Let me just say that it is HUGE. I know it looks big on TV but in person it is bigger. Emma loved the pretty music but was ready to go after about 5 minutes because as she says it was too much like church and church is too hard to sit through. It is so fun when the kids can verbalize their complaints, sometimes. It just reminds me that she is getting to be such a big girl. Because we had so much fun we decided we are going to go again when it gets a little warmer and we can spend the day downtown and do more things. I definatly recommend it to anyone who lives close enough to do it. And the greatest thing is you can bring the kids!!!

Happy 28 Stan!!

On December 5th Stan turned 28!!! We had a great day. The kids and I took Stan treats to work and he about shot me because he did not want the guys at the office to know it was his birthday. Then for dinner, not to blow my own horn, I made the most amazing ribs!!!! They were better than any restaurant I have ever been to. Then we had cheesecake pie for dessert. He had a great birthday according to him.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tyson is ready!

As you may have noticed I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging and I am sorry. We did have a great Thanksgiving. We went to Stan's family's in Delta and have a great time. I was a little worried as to how the weekend was going to go because the first night there Tyson threw up 4 times. The next day however he was great. You would have never known that he was sick the night before. Emma also had reached a huge milestone this weekend also. She survived her first sleepover with her cousins. She was gone about 24 hours and had a great time. Now she cannot wait to do it again the next time we go down. I was fully expecting a phone call in the middle of the night to go get her but it never came. I was really different not having her around for that long but she had a great time and is getting to know the joy of cousins.

The other day we were talking about our up coming trip to see Grandma Karen, and Tyson must have been listening because shortly after we found him in Emma's suit case we use for her dress-ups. He is also going through the stage where he dumps everything out and sits in the container whether his bumb fits or not.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Halloween was great this year. Emma had a hard time choosing a costume. If you asked her what she wanted to be she would say, "First I wanted to be a cowgirl, then it was a witch, and I finally decided to be a purple princess." She would say it so matter-of-factly that you thought she stood infront of a mirror and practiced it. It is really interesting now that she has an opinnion of how things should be. I am glad we did not have to buy things for the three different costumes. Just the cowgirl and the princess. So I know what she will be next year!!!

As you can see Tyson REALLY did not enjoy his costume. The first time I tried it on him he cried like I hurt him. Maybe it was because he did not think Grandma was very funny in thinking he should be a chicken because of his name. He was a great sport on Halloween. He kept it on through the Trunk-or-treat and in the car ride to my aunt's house in Orem. Tyson sure made a pretty cute chicken. Emma now wears he costume for dress up EVERY day. I am glad she is getting more than one wear out of it.

Tyson has such a little personality that is picture makes me laugh!!! At least he stood still long enough for me to take the picture!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

One thing I wanted to do this year with Emma was carve pumpkins. She was so excited. We even went to a pumpkin patch to get the pumpkins. It was really fun. She was very specific on the size of pumpkin she wanted. We would find one and she would look at it and say "I don't think this is an Emma sized pumpkin." So we kept walking until we found one we could convince her was an Emma sized pumpkin. Tyson liked saying pumpkin and seeing all that was there. So when we got home and started to clean them out she would not go anywhere near the "guts" as she called it. Stan stuck her hand in there and got it extra gooey and she started into hysterics. Stan and I just laughed. It was really funny but she got really mad that we were laughing at her. All the while Tyson is saying "eeeewwww." Somehow Emma became afraid of getting dirty. I guess she actually listened to me when I tell her not to get too dirty when she plays. We will have to break her of this. Emma did though insist on watching intently Stan carve the pumpkin to her requirements just as long as she did not have to touch any of it. And Tyson was trying to eat the pieces that Stan took out. He ate part of one before he lost intrest in it.

It is so hard to get a good smile on film from Tyson and here he looks like he knows something bad that mom and dad have no clue about. It's pretty funny.

Can you find Tyson???

Family Home Evening

At our house we love the sticky foam shapes. So for FHE on Monday Emma decided we would make pictures using these shapes. It was a great time. Emma loves to make pictures with them and Tyson loves to stick them anywhere he can. Stan wanted to see what he would do when he stuck some on his face. At first Tyson did not mind it. Once we started to put more on he did not like them and took them off. Emma even got in on the action.


So we finally got a baby gate that would keep Tyson out of the kitchen while I was making dinner so he did not get stepped on or tripped over. He really does not like it at all. He shakes it and usually cries when it gets shut. So to distract him from the fact that he was locked out Emma and I taught him to say jail. Now if he is in a good mood he will stand at the gate and say "Jail" in such a way that you have to laugh. Which is good because then it helps him to forget that he cannot get at Mom. his most prized possession.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Long time no write

So its been a long time so here is an update. All is well here in Springville Utah. We had a great summer and a great visit from my mom and sister. Tyson is 1 and loving every minute of his discovery of new talents of his. Currently he is having fun finding many ways to give himself a goose egg on his forhead. Last week he went head first off the rocking chair onto the hardwood floor. We were impressed that there wasn't any bruise until he woke up two days later with a horrible bruise on his head. Then yesterday he took a tumble into the pantry door and all he said was "ooooo" and "ow." He loves to talk and run around after Emma chanting her name. Emma loves it because it makes her feel important. She is enjoying having a girl right next door who is the same age. They play together almost everyday and cry when they cannot play. It is a great insentive to get Emma to do things so she can go and play.

While Grandma and Auntie Mal were here Emma had fun making funny poses in her new clothes.

Tyson also got his first hair cut while Mallory was here and I'm not sure who was more nervus him or me. It was the first time for me to cut someone's hair other that Stan's. It is quite the experience cutting a boy's hair. I am glad it grows fast. The poor kid, his hair is so light he looks like he has no hair.

Tyson loves books and now can say "Read" until you read it. He is really funny. He will hound you until you read him the book he brings you.

Monday, July 23, 2007

clown face Emma!

Camping trip

He is having so much fun walking! Over the 4th we went on an interesting camping trip. We borrowed Stan's parent's car and their pop-up trailer and went to Lehman's cave in Nevada. 70 miles outside of Delta the van overheated. So we waited about an hour trying to cool it off. Then we went 3 miles and it died again. So we waited another hour in the heat waited for it to cool off. Finally we try it with fingers crossed and we went maybe another 3 miles and it died AGAIN!!!! This time for good. There was smoke and everything. The nice sherrif of Millard County took us to the border town that was 20 minutes away where we waited 3 1/2 hours for Stan's dad to get us. But there was hope. Another vehicle was brought to us so we could go camping since we were there already!

So with high hopes we go off to find a camping spot. To our dismay. . . there were NONE!!!! So with our heads low we find an RV park( where we paid way to much) and parked for the night to try again in the morning. We were able to go through the amazing caves and enjoy a beautiful camping spot with a stream and everything. There are no pictures because we left our camera at home thanks to Heather! (Too much stuff and not enough brain).

It was a great time but I don't want to go camping for a long time. Maybe next summer?!?

After that trip Tyson decided he had enough of everyone else going faster than him. So he decided we would start walking and has never crawled again. It is crazy how they learn to fast when they want to. Emma has fun chasing him around the house. I cannot wait until HE can chase her. I don't think she will think it is as much fun.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cute Kids

Tyson is growing up so fast. He is a cutie. Emma loves playing with him and he loves to play with her toys. He also loves Emma and is always trying to find her.

The New House

So we love life in the new house. It has been very busy trying to keep on top of everything. We have been busy painting Emma's room and the living room. We are still trying to figure out how to paint Tyson's room. The previous owners left us a wonderful garden area so we have been very busy out there. The kids are loving all the space. Tyson has finally gotten over his fear of the grass, much to Heather's dismay. He is able to stand by himself once he uses the couch, wall, or Heather's legs to stand up. Tyson is so close to walking it is crazy. He is 10 months and still has NO teeth.

Emma loves the tramopline in the back yard. She loves to jump and play and ride her trike. Things are going very well for us in the new house.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cute Kids

Tyson is getting so big. He is crawling and trying to walk. It is so crazy how fast he is growing up. He loves to play with Emma's toys and doesn't he look cute in Emma's sunglasses.

OH!!! I Think I had too much milk to drink. I'm feeling a little tipsy!!!