Friday, March 19, 2010

Emma's new do!

A couple of weeks ago Emma wanted a hair cut. She came up with what she wanted! Short with bangs.

Funny story:
a couple of days before she got her hair cut she new she wanted bangs but didn't know what they were called. She explained them to me as bumps on your forehead. I knew instantly what she meant and tried to reminder what they are called. When Stan got home she wanted to share with him her idea for how to cut her hair. She explained that she wanted bumps and left it at that. Stan's eyes got very big and looked at me for help. I started to laugh. Then I explained that she meant bangs. It was so funny. I almost left him hanging for a moment but decided not to since I am such a nice person. ;)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Crazy Lily!

Like most 18 month olds they are into everything. Lily is no exception. She knows when to be busy because mom is busy too. On day I was getting ready and there was a box of cereal left on the table from breakfast. Lily decided to help herself. Who needs mom? No her!

If there is a tight space anywhere you can bet the Lily will try to fit in it. There is a cupboard on an angle so it is not very big but it Lily's favorite place to play. If she is not taking out the tupperware she it trying to sit in it! it is really funny.

Lily is also always trying to wear anything of Emma's. She loves her shoes and coats. It is really cute. Emma loves to dress her up to. Tyson thinks it is pretty fun too. Everyday they are trying to get Lily into something different.

The other day while I was making dinner Lily was having fun in the kitchen too. She unloaded everything that she is not supposed to. It was great. I was trapped in the kitchen because it was a hazard area to try to get out. Lily thought it was great. Once she was finished with the coloring books she moved on the the picture books. I think she has a thing for books! ;)

Emma's birthday

For Emma's birthday back in January we went ice skating. It was a great time. She loves Barbie movies and in one Barbie ice skates and of course makes it look easy. Emma has been obsessed with ice skating since the summer and has been asking if we can go skating for her next birthday. It was quite the experience!!! Lucky for us Stan's sister Sarah came with us. (we could not have done it without her!) Tyson was set on skating too! So there were three adults and three children, Yes we brought Lily and next time we will leave her with someone. Stan and I have not been skating for a long time. I think it was close to 10 years for me. We had a great time though. By the end Emma could skate without holding anything.
After skating we went to Pirate Island with Sarah and had a great time. That place is really cool. The kids loved the cannons that went off and made smoke rings. There also is a man there who was making balloon animals so the kids each got one. Emma got a butterfly, Tyson a T-Rex and Lily a caterpillar.
For a cake I thought we would get creative. Emma had seen a cake with a barbie in it and decided that was what she wanted. So, thanks to a friend who let me borrow the supplies needed we were able to do it. For my first non sheet cake it turned out pretty cute. Emma was so excited when she saw it. She knew I was doing it but was so excited to see it actually happen. It was a great experience.