Sunday, March 07, 2010

Crazy Lily!

Like most 18 month olds they are into everything. Lily is no exception. She knows when to be busy because mom is busy too. On day I was getting ready and there was a box of cereal left on the table from breakfast. Lily decided to help herself. Who needs mom? No her!

If there is a tight space anywhere you can bet the Lily will try to fit in it. There is a cupboard on an angle so it is not very big but it Lily's favorite place to play. If she is not taking out the tupperware she it trying to sit in it! it is really funny.

Lily is also always trying to wear anything of Emma's. She loves her shoes and coats. It is really cute. Emma loves to dress her up to. Tyson thinks it is pretty fun too. Everyday they are trying to get Lily into something different.

The other day while I was making dinner Lily was having fun in the kitchen too. She unloaded everything that she is not supposed to. It was great. I was trapped in the kitchen because it was a hazard area to try to get out. Lily thought it was great. Once she was finished with the coloring books she moved on the the picture books. I think she has a thing for books! ;)

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Bubbly said...

cute kids!!!!!!