Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The other two

Emma wanted me to talk about her going to preschool. She absolutly loves it. She always asks if it is a preschool day and if not she mopes for a few minutes and then asks if tomorrow is and then she is happy. It is really fun to see her grow up. It is also a little scary to think that next year she will be in kindergarten! Tyson misses her when she is gone but he also likes having time with mom without Emma. Tyson is just a busy as ever and is enjoying dressing up with Emma. He and Emma dress up in dresses and dance to music. Tyson is very graceful and has a ton of fun. I can never find the camera when they are doing this, so picutres are forthcoming. Stan came home one day while they were dancing and he just shook his head and after dinner took Tyson outside to play ball and do boy things. I think it is cute. Grandma sent him a suit that she found and he loves it. It is a struggle to get him to take it off at night. He is really funny.

One Month

It is hard to believe that it has been one month since Lily has joined our family. It has been a very busy, exciting, challenging, difficult and fun month. Emma and Tyson love her and are always asking to hold, kiss, touch, feel, and say hi to her. Who ever said three kids will make or break you was right on!!! Life is so much more busy and hard. Trying to go anywhere with three kids and accomplish something is so much harder. When Lily is fed and ready to go it is lunch or nap time or I am still in my pjs. But it is really fun to have a little baby again. To have someone who will cuddle with you and actually sit still without saying anything is the greatest thing. Lily is really a good baby most of the time. She has her crying fits, always when it is time to make dinner or go to bed, but she is still fun. I love watching her sleep and dream. I wish I could see her dreams and know who she is talking to. She is our little piece of heaven. She had a major accomplishment tonight, she slept 7 hours!!! It was great. Both she and I got some much needed sleep!
Lily loves her binki. I am so glad she takes it most of the time. She will even pull it out if she wants to eat or remind me she is mad.

Auntie Mal came for a visit and we had a great time. The kids loved seeing her and it was nice to have another adult around for a couple of days.

Most babies get a flat spot on the back of their head from laying on it but not Lily. She is getting a flat spot on the side of her head. When ever she is laying down her head gravitates to the right side always. We will adjust her head and she will just move it back. It is pretty funny.