Monday, April 12, 2010

A Good Number

On Saturday Tyson was helping Stan fix the toilet, having a great time. He was so excited he got to hold the BIG flashlight! Ya know one of the long heavy duty ones. Well for those of you who know Tyson, he is a bit absent minded and clumsy. Before long he tripped and landed with the flashlight under his chin! He managed to bite a small piece off the side of his tongue. Likely I was not at home or I probably would have freaked out!!! When Tyson showed me what he did I told him he did a good number on his tongue. Later at the grocery store Tyson asked me what number it was. I told him 7 not really thinking about the question. Tyson promptly tell Stan that I said he did a 7 on his tongue because 7 is a good number!!! I died laughing! He is so sweet, I love it!