Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sorry about the crazy font colors. I got creative and as my luck would have it, it does not go acording to plan! I hope to have it fixed in a day or two so bear with me.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More Fun with Daddy

Sometimes I really don't know how Stan comes up with some of the things he does to keep the kids entertained while I am cleaning up the dinner dishes. Maybe it comes from being in an office all day long and the energy and comes out when he is around the kids.

This is Tyson in a pillowcase. Both he and Emma love being what Stan calls a sack of potatoes. Emma is too big for the pillowcase so she gets to ride in a blanket. Stan slings them over his shoulder and walks around the room with his sack of potatoes and the kids cannot stop laughing. It is really cute but I pray the bottom of the pillowcase does not give out. (At least it is a home-made one and there is no seam at the bottom.) Stan started this with Emma and once Tyson saw how fun it is he screams "Tyson's turn!!!!" until he gets his turn.

The other fun think that Dad and Emma do it Stan will "throw" Emma on the couch. Here are a sequence of the process. I do not like this one. For one think I consider this 'throwing' jumping on my new couches. Plus I worry about Emma hitting the couch too hard and bitting her toung or something like that. She loves it though and Stan assures me that it is perfectly safe and it won't hurt the couches. Well, we'll see. At least they have fun with dad.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Exciting Stuff

So we had and exciting week this last week. I went to the doctor and got to hear the heart beat for the first time. Now I guess it seems a little more really that we are having a baby. It is still another 6 weeks until the next ultrasound. There is a HUGE debate going on at our house over finding out the gender. Stan says, "Absolutely, I have to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I say, "We have one of each lets be suprised like they used to do." So Stan and my mom think they are going to find out and because I don't want to know I can be left in the dark if I so choose. So my mom and Stan have ganged up against me and my dad sides with me. Now all we need are my two sisters to way in on the issue and we could have a great family feud over whether or not to find out the gender of the baby 5 months early. I really don't care but the more people want me to find out the more I don't want to. It is kind of crazy how that works. My secret hope is that the baby will sense the tention and not let us find out. That way we have no choice and no one can be mad at me for rocking the boat. So about mid April I am sure you all will hear one way or the other.
The other fun thing that happened recently is that Stan finally got is Christmas present. A ping-pong table. He loves it. It is great fun. So any of you who live in the area and like ping pong give us a call and Stan would love the competion. I am just good for occasionally hitting the ball while Stan works on technic. Stan had fun putting it together. It took like 6 hours even with my help!!!!! Lets hope we don't move anytime soon because we will have to completely dismantle it to get it up the stairs and out of the house!