Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy Tyson

Both of my kids have problems finding pants. They are both tall and skinny. Emma wears a 5t for the length but I have to put in elastic or tighten them somehow to keep them from falling down. To get pants to fit around the waist she wears a 3T! Tyson has the same problem. He wears 12 month pants but they are too short and are just now starting to fit around the middle. Well these pants I attempted to fix but was not very successful. Tyson was going down the stairs and his pants came unsnapped. I was upstairs and all I hear is "Mommy fix it!!!" at the top of his lungs. So I ran downstairs to see what was going on and find Tyson like this laughing. So I pulled them up and went back to what I was doing. Then not two minutes later I hear both Emma and Tyson laughing for me to fis his pants again. He did it a couple more times before he just took off his pants and said "Eewwie pants." It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's a . . .

SO we went and had our ultrasound. It was a really neat experience. Since our crazy insurance does not cover the doctor's office who delivered Emma and Tyson we were forced to find another one. At this doctor's office there is not a technician who does the ultra sound, it is the doctor himself. He explained everything he was doing and why. He showed us the placenta, spine, heart, kidneys, and numerous other things. I never realized that they can tell so many things just from the ultrasound. He looked at the baby's heart to see if there were any defects, he checked for cysts on the brain and measured it's head. He checked the lengths of the legs bones and all kinds of things. It was really neat.

So I bet you all are wondering what we are having. Well, some of you know that we were debating this issue since we first found our we were pregnant. It has been a had decision for me. With Emma, I was knew without a doubt she was a girl. I was pretty sure Tyson was a boy and the ultrasound just confirmed my suspicions. Well, with this baby, I had not a clue. I would think it was a boy because the baby is still really low, and I have heartburn really bad. Then I would think it was a girl because we have come up with a bunch of different girl names. So I decided I did not want to know until the baby got here because we have stuff for either one and it would be fun to not know for just one of our kids and be suprised with it came. Stan on the other hand was insistant we find out because he had not clue either! So the doctor asked us if we wanted to know as he got started. Stan and I looked at each other and he said yes and I said no. The doctor just laughed. Well neither of us really had a say because the baby decided for us. It made sure it's bumb was right there when the doctor put the thingy on my stomach. Sorry for the lack of termanology. So we are having a GIRL!!! We are really excited. It is still weird because I have not recieved direct confirmation that it is a girl like with the other two. The funny thing is neither is Stan. So we are going to keep a boy name in reserve just in case. Emma is SSSSSSOOOOOO excited. When the doctor said that is was a girl, she got soo excited! She has been insisting that we are having a girl for months. So she says "See mom, I told you!!!" Emma is a crazy girl. Then about halfway through she asks if it is still a girl and we said yes. She said "Good! Just making sure." She wanted it to be a girl so bad that if it wasn't a girl I am sure she would have thrown a fit right there. We are excited and all looks great with the baby.

Here is a picture of the baby's arms together.

This picture is my favorite. This is the baby looking right at us. We tried to get a profile shot of her but she would rather look at us a wave. In case you cannot see it, the top of her head is to your left, the dark spot, and her mouth is open to the right.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Easter

So, thanks to others noticing (ToVah) I forgot to post Emma in her Easter dress. At first I wasn't going to make her one but after unsuccessfully trying to find a cute one that fit her for a price I was willing to pay, she insisted I make her one. There is a ribbon that goes around the middle but we could not find it at the time of the picture.

Tyson LOVES the ping-pong table!! He is always looking for a ball and a paddle. He is insisting that he sleep with one all the time. If we cannot find it he won't go to bed. Maybe we can trade the ball for the binky? If we leave the table down and the kids discover it, they pretend to play ping pong since Tyson can barely see over the table. Tyson like to watch us play. He says "Nice job. mommy" or " Good one daddy." He sure is a character!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Belated Easter

"Hey, look! I got one," said Tyson after he found his first egg!

Holy Cow! We have had a busy month! Stan is currently looking for a new job and it has been stressful on the whole family. But we had a great Easter. We got to go to Stan's parents' for the weekend and the kids had a great time. We decided to wait until the Monday after to have our easter egg hunt and have an Easter lesson for FHE. The kids had a blast. Once Tyson realized there was candy in the eggs, he would open them and eat the two jelly beans before finding another one. It was pretty hard to convince him to find more eggs. Emma had a great time. She is a great finder too. She found eggs that I did not even see (Stan did the hiding).

I love Easter because it is a great time to stop and reflect on what the Savior did for us. It is really neat getting to teach Emma about the Ressurection and watching how she is starting to put things together and ask questions. It is great. It is also neat when you can learn something from your kids too about how to think about things you have know all your life.

Reach Emma, a little higher!

Tyson is almost too tall to walk under the tramp, his favorite thing to do.