Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Randon Things

Here are a couple of random videos I thought I would share with you all. We were in the tub on Friday and Tyson was making is duck stink. He was doing some great sounding ones and then I ran to get the camera and the are only ok ones but it is still funny. Now every time Tyson sees his duck he say "stinker duck" and laughs.

While I was writing this Emma and her friend just informed me that they were going to look for their imaginations down stairs. They have Emma's tinkerbell launter she got for her birthday and look like they are ready to go exploring. I am having fun laughing and the cute things they do.

This video is of a game the kids LOVE to play with their dad. He is always coming up with fun things to do with the kids that I don't always like to watch incase something goes wrong. but the kids love it. Thank goodness, I think, for hardwood floors.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Crazy KIds!

Life is better now that everyone is finally starting to feel better. Tyson had an interesting weekend with a high fever after the doctor after hours clinic is closed. So we debated taking him to the hospital but I did not want to get there and have them tell me he is just teething. So we gave him a blessing and he did so much better on sunday. So we went in for his 18 month check-up on Wednesday and found out that he had the symptoms of RSV and has a recovering ear infection. WOW. Had I known that Saturday I would have taken him to the hospital. Everything considered Tyson was a trooper. I don't want to repeat this weekend for anything but I am glad that he did as well as he did. It is nice to be able to sleep at night again and not have Tyson on me with his sippie between me and him. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Tyson LOVES books right now which I think is great until you start reading books twice in one sitting because you have been through all the books in the bookcase. Emma is getting to the point where if she hears a book enough she has it memorize. Now she offers to "read" Tyson a book. He gets so excited. He will stand there and be mezmorized for 20 minutes or longer. It is so cute. It makes Emma feel so important. She loves the attention from Tyson and much as Tyson likes having someone read to him. It is really sweet.

Tyson like to get his blanket out of his, or Emma's, bed and pretend to go nite-nite in the middle of the kitchen. He always manages to do it went I am making dinner or cleaning th e kitchen. But it is fun

Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm tired of EVERYONE being sick!

This post is really boring and full of me venting about my horrible week. If you don't read on I will not be offended. It is pretty bad!

So I was all prepared for a quiet week at home with projects planned and a terrific housecleaning goal when both Emma and Tyson got incrediblly sick overnight!!! So Monday we spend recovering and I laying on the couch so tired because I was up all night with a teething, coughing baby. Everything went well that night to I had hope for Tuesday. I got the kids bundled up tight because it is so stinking cold, put them in the car and turned the key when NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! Thats right, now my car didn't work. I was really frustrated. Then my throat started to burn. I have never had such a sore throat before in my life plus I felt like crap! So, Tuesday when Stan he convinced me we needed to vote and it would take no time at all. HA HA!! This is the really kicker, at 6:30 there was a line that went around the inside of the school! 2 hours later we got home. Yes and we even took the kids. They were troopers but I sure wanted to throw the towel in and say "Who cares!" But if you know Stan, you don't tell him that!! I guess we all have our things we are passionate about but I never thought I would marry one who cared sssssooo much about politics!

So Wendnesday I thought things could not get any worse, oh I was wrong!!! I lost my voice and the doctor had no oppointments until 4:30 on Thrusday!!! But my car was now fixed and things were great if I felt I could muster enough energy to go anywhere with two kids. Thrusday we went to the doctor and said there is nothing he could do. I don't have strep, flu or anything he could care enough about to discover. But my throat STILL hurts. Sometimes I really don't like doctors. Today things are a little better now that my voice is somewhat back but I cannot yell downstairs for anything which I am sure Emma is pretty happy about. Now the real kicker is Stan is getting sick. It is really not fair when guys get sick because they can take the day off from work and lay in bed and sleep the day away. But when the mom gets sick they still have to clean the house, cook dinner, change diapers that smell worse than throwing up, and entertain children. I sure wish I could say in bed and sleep all day!

Oh by the way there is a bit of good new to add to this post, I am pregnant! Finally three months and I no longer feel the desire to throw-up!!! We had a untrasound last week and all looks great. We will be having the baby at the end of August. Let's hope it is a decently cool summer. Sorry for the venting. More pictures as soon and I can remember where I put the camera.