Sunday, June 22, 2008

The ups and downs of life

So you may have been wondering where we have gone for the last two months. Well we have been riding on heck of a crazy rollercoster. In the middle of April, Stan quit his job where he had been working for the last three years for different reasons but most of all was for security and health insurance since we currently don't have any because of that company. He did find a great job here in Springville, five minutes from home and he got a raise. It was great. We celebrated our one year anniversary of being in our house at the end of April and our 6 year wedding anniversary in May.

We also decided we should maybe start planing for the baby and figure out how we are going to work the room situation. Whether to keep Emma with Tyson, or to put her in the baby's room and give Tyson his own since we are having a girl. So with the help of my cousin we had fun rearranging our house. We moved the office, our master, the guest room and the baby's room. It turned out great. The fun now was realizing we needed a new dresser for the kids, one for us, and a place to hide the TV since neither Stan nor I like having it be the first thing you see when you walk in the door. So we bought us, with money I had earned for babysitting since January, a dresser for us and an armour for the TV. It was really great. These were the second pieces of furniture we bought together since our couches one year ago. It is a great feeling when you buy something you have been waiting for and shopped for and have fun dreaming about for awhile. Now all we need are bunkbeds for the kids, and a rug for the living room and I will be happy for awhile. Stan says it should be a long while.

Then, after Stan had worked for at his new job for about 30 days he was laid off. This came as a HUGE shock. Things were going well. Stan loved his job and we loved having a little bit bigger paycheck! To make a long story short the place where he was working was two weeks late in paying recruiting agency that found Stan the job and who paid Stan. Really confusing. But nonetheless, he was told not to go back to work without any warning. It really threw us for a loop! We had been working on savings but it was not as big a priority as it should have been. So now we were faced with not having a job, and a baby on the way with no insurance. It is kind of scary. Likely because of the bigger paycheck we had more money than we usually did left over after everything. Stan has been dabbling in starting his own web/flash development business since January. He decided now was the time to work really hard and making it work while still trying to find a full time job.

It has been a month with out a steady job and we are doing OK all things considered. Stan is making progress in his business and tomorrow he starts a par time job. He is hoping with the part-time he will be able to still work on building up his own business while having some steady income. The nice thing is he can work more hours if needed. Now we just have to figure out the health insurance issue because Stan is not eligible for 90 days. Too bad the baby is due before then. Hopefully Medicaid will work out. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

This past month has taught me many things. Some things I like and others I do not wish upon anyone. But I do know the Lord does take care of his children. It is just up to us to have the faith to trust in Him. That is not always easy, especially for a control freak like me.

So for my excuse for not updating the blog is that with Stan home more I have found myself busy more too. I am not sure if it is because he is home so I feel like I always have to be doing something so he doesn't think I sit around all day doing nothing. (I am glad he doesn't read this) Plus I feel bad being in the office when he is trying to get work done. It is really easy to distract him when he is in the same room.

Now for some pictures. We have not been very good at taking pictures the last two months. One thing we have been able to document are two of Tyson's favorite things. He has a shoe fetish. He loves to wear any one's shoes. Today he tried on my heels and got mad because he could not walk in them. For my birthday I got the cutest pair of flip flops. When I opened the box Tyson was helping and took them out and immediately put them on his feet. He wore them for about 30 minutes before I got to even try them on. He is a big goof. The other thing he insists on is having his hair done when we do Emma's. Since is hair is not long enough for a ponytail he likes to wear a headband. It is pretty cute.