Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Here are the Christmas pictures.

Thanks you ma'am. Call if you need me again.
(so cute)

Don't forget Lily

Christmas Jammies

Emma seeing Santa at preschool

Belated Christmas

Ok so I am a little late with the Thanksgiving and Christmas post. We had so much fun that the fun hasn't stopped yet!! or the busyness! So for the short version.

We spent Christmas day here. It was the first year we have had Christmas eve and morning at our own house and it was awesome. We had cheese fondue thanks to a friend and it was great. Tyson loved it. He ate more than Stan and myself. Emma was not into it at all!! You would have thought it was green or something. It was really funny.

They got their christmas jammies and went to bed without any hesitation!!! The morning was great. Lily slept through it all so we could really enjoy Emma and Tyson. They had so much fun!!! Then we had breakfast and went to Grandma Skeem's for the weekend and had a great time with family there.

The best part of our vacation was when Emma threw up!!! First Tyson over Thanksgiving now Emma at christmas!! I am tired of my kids throwing up at other people's houses!! Other than that, it was a great time.

For New Years we went to my cousin's house and had a sing star/american idol/guitar hero/ wii party!!! We played so late and we did not want to move the kids so we decided to spend the night. BIG MISTAKE!! Tyson decided to throw up again!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not spending the night at anyone's house anytime soon. I hope we are done with all of this!! Luckily by the time we decided to venture home, Tyson stopped throwing up, took a nap in the car and was a new kid when we got home. I am glad the throw ups don't last very long at our house. But it was a great holiday season!!!

Here are some much anticipated Thanksgiving pictures especially for Grandma!!!!

Tyson is really serious about his root beer float!!

Emma and Macay

This is all of the wonderful kids in one house for the weekend minus the two newborns!!!


Wesley loved holding Lily and she liked him too!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emma

I cannot believe that my Emma is 5 today! She is so fun to be around. She lights up any room that she is in. Emma also is learning and growing leaps and bounds every day. It is really neat to see it happen. I love how good she is with Lily and Tyson. Emma is such a huge helper. I am glad she came first.

Happy Birthday Emma

Friday, January 09, 2009

Wedding gifts

I never thought I would ever be grateful for duplicate wedding gifts until last night. I was in the middle of making waffles and I burnt one. No one burns waffles, unless it is the last one and you forget. Stan also came home from work about the same time so I thought I must have missed the light and is started cooking again. But the next waffle took 20 minutes and it was still not done. I remembered that I had recieve a waffle iron for our wedding and hadn't used it yet. So I pulled it out and dinner was saved. Who says duplicate wedding gifts are no good. Thanks to whom ever gave it to us 6 1/2 years ago.