Thursday, October 11, 2007

Long time no write

So its been a long time so here is an update. All is well here in Springville Utah. We had a great summer and a great visit from my mom and sister. Tyson is 1 and loving every minute of his discovery of new talents of his. Currently he is having fun finding many ways to give himself a goose egg on his forhead. Last week he went head first off the rocking chair onto the hardwood floor. We were impressed that there wasn't any bruise until he woke up two days later with a horrible bruise on his head. Then yesterday he took a tumble into the pantry door and all he said was "ooooo" and "ow." He loves to talk and run around after Emma chanting her name. Emma loves it because it makes her feel important. She is enjoying having a girl right next door who is the same age. They play together almost everyday and cry when they cannot play. It is a great insentive to get Emma to do things so she can go and play.

While Grandma and Auntie Mal were here Emma had fun making funny poses in her new clothes.

Tyson also got his first hair cut while Mallory was here and I'm not sure who was more nervus him or me. It was the first time for me to cut someone's hair other that Stan's. It is quite the experience cutting a boy's hair. I am glad it grows fast. The poor kid, his hair is so light he looks like he has no hair.

Tyson loves books and now can say "Read" until you read it. He is really funny. He will hound you until you read him the book he brings you.