Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tyson turns 4!

Oh, does time fly! On August 3rd, Tyson turned 4. We decided to have a birthday party for him this year and had a blast. It was a water party in our backyard. That is totally the way to go. I didn't have to clean my house or worry where the kids were too much or care if they made a mess

It was a great day. Stan was able to work from home that day and we gave Tyson his presents at lunch before his party. He is obsessed with Toy Story right now. So we gave him a Buzz figurine for his birthday and the promise to get him a Woody since I could not find one and cannot take Tyson with my anymore to purchase presents. Anyway, When he opened it I wish I had taken a video because it was a true child thing to say! He took one look at Buzz and asked if he talked. I don't him no but he could move it and play with Buzz and Woody because we thought he would want both instead of just one. He replied "It doesn't talk. Then I don't want it!!!" He then stormed off leaving me stunned! Had my child just refused a present! I could not believe it! My first reaction after I processed what happened was to take it back and not get him a present. Luckily Stan was there and was able to calm him down and convince him that we would take Buzz back and use the money Grandma had given him and some of his allowance to buy the talking Buzz. Fun thing was when we took him to get the talking Buzz he decided to just get the matching Woody and keep the Buzz we originally gave him. Tyson is a funny boy and definitely keeps us on our toes.