Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So yesterday Tyson was bugging me to take off his training wheels since one broke on a ride earlier in the week.  Well I did it.  I took them off and when to put the tools away.  Tyson said he was going to meet me on the sidewalk so we could walk to a big parking lot to practice.  By the time I got to the sidewalk Tyson was zipping up and down the sidewalk all on his own!!!  Stan and I were amazed.  I am glad to see my lack of desire is not slowing my Tyson down!  He told me that he didn't need me to help him.  It was so crazy to see him riding his bike and so excited he did it all on his own.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It is interesting what life brings. Over the last two weeks I feel like I have need hit by a bus. Sometimes I wish I could hit pause and enjoy life a little longer before the next challenge comes our way. Last Friday I took Eli to the dr because he was working hard to breathe.  A breathing treatment and and hour later he and I were at the hospital.  It was kind of crazy how fast it went.  When we got to the hospital they hooked Eli up to monitor his blood oxygen level.  He was doing well until he went to sleep.  He was not breathing very deep and his oxygen level was dropping.  That's when he was put on oxygen.  Friday night his level kept dropping and they kept turning up the oxygen.  By Saturday afternoon Eli was starting to interact with me again and that was when I knew everything was going to be fine and I was at peace.  It is amazing the feelings you get as a parent.  Somethings that should totally freak us out doesn't and other we overreact.  It was a long three days in the hospital but it was also really nice to only have one child and not have to look at my house falling apart around me.  Eli is still on oxygen when he sleeps but hopefully come Monday we will be done with that.  He is doing great and sleeping really when at night.  They day is another issue.
I almost didn't get to come home though.  Emma came down with a fever Sunday morning.  I thought it was the flu and that she would be over it by Monday.  That is when the rash appeared on her feet.  I thought it was chicken pox but there were no spots on her stomach.  So thanks to some advice from a friend I did some research and checked in her mouth and there were sores.  She has hand foot and mouth disease.  My first thought was "yeah we know what it is and I didn't have to go to the dr twice in two days."  Then "oh crap.  she has hand food and mouth disease."  Emma is a trooper and has dealt with things rather well.  Then on Wednesday Lily came down with a fever.  Yup, she has it too.  Lily is not such a trooper.  She is not a good sick kid.  One thing I learned is that this illness is extremely painful.  Even Tyson felt warm when I put him to bed tonight.  Life is never boring.  I really and starting to not like being home.

I am grateful for prayers and the knowledge I have that life is worth it and it has to get better.  The Lord gives us challenges to make us stronger and He is there to help us through them like any loving parent.  I am grateful for the great people who offer to help and those that pray for my family.  I just hope we are done with the random illnesses.