Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time for some much needed updating!

Grandma: Hi Tyson how are you?
Tyson: Great! I am still three because I just had my birthday!

He says this to everyone and anyone who talks to him. I think he is proud that he is 3!

"Mom, I have to be careful because it is my birthday!!"

Life is busy!! So on august 3 we celebrated Tyson's third birthday! We went to Chuck E. Chesse's and had a great time! He wanted orange cupcakes with orange frosting. Can you guess what his favorite color is? He also got some great car stuff to go with the MANY cars that he has! It is so great to have him finally potty trained and not have to change two children's diapers!! Tyson is our character. You can always count on him for a laugh and for him to be VERY absentminded, especially when there is a wall near by!

I love the pictures that he will someday hate!!

We also have had fun outside with the water. The kids are always looking for an excuse to get wet and "water the lawn." Emma and Tyson we taking turns going under the water but Tyson thought it would be great fun to make the water come down on Emma who then screams and runs away. She makes Tyson promise not to do it again before doing it again. One should NEVER trust a little brother who promises to do something while laughing! He got her a lot before she finally gave up her game. It was fun to watch!