Monday, January 28, 2008

I got Tagged!

SO here it goes. . .

1. What time did you get up this morning?
7:15, thanks to Stan's alarm.

2. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Cereal, but not cheerios!

3. What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Seeing as how I never get to listen to what I want to because of a 4 year-old and her opinion, the Children's hymns are what is in the car.

4. What kind of car do you drive?
1990 Cadillac De Ville that I am desperately hoping will die SOON!!!

5. Favorite Sandwich?
Peanut butter and strawberry jam, but only if it is homemade freezer jam!

6. Favorite item of clothing?
Soft knit pants all day long

7. If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go?
Guam, San Diego, or New Zealand!

8. What is the color of your bathroom?
White, red, brown. . . it needs help and ideas!!

9. Where would you retire?
Somewhere close to most of my kids and where it doesn't snow!!!

10. Most memorable birthday?
My 18th. . .it was a surprise party thrown by my friends and even my mom was in on it. It was great because it is hard to surprise me and they did it.

11. Favorite sports to watch?
College football

12. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Night person normally, morning person when I am pregnant.

13. What is your shoe size?
9 1/2 . . . I know big feet!

14. Pets?
Yeah right. I hate pets. They loud and you have to feed them and wash them and walk them. I don't need anymore things to take care of. Sorry pet lovers.

15. What did you want to be when you were little?
A doctor until I found our how much school is required then it was a nurse.

16. What are you today?
Maid, mom, chef, babysitter, and snow shoveler!!

17. What is your favorite candy?
Anything that has peanut butter in it.

18. Your favorite flower?
Daisy or calla lili

19. What calender day are you looking forward to?
Somewhere between August 16 and 21

20. What are you listening to?
Emma watching a movie and Tyson crying because I won't let him type

21. What is the last thing you ate?
a granola bar

22. Do you wish upon stars?

23. What faith are you?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

24. Who was the last person you spoke with on the phone?
My mom

25. Hair color?
Brown with blond highlights.

26. Name of your favorite school teacher.
Mr. P, junior calculus

27. Chocolate or Vanilla?

28. When was the last time you cried?
This morning out of frustration with my kids.

29. What is under your bed?
A blanket, some toys I am sure and a ton of dust, (it is a hard wood floor)

30. What did you do last night?
Read a book until 9:30 when I fell asleep

31. Favorite smell?
homemade bread and clean kids

32. What are you afraid of?
I agree with Leslie, SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

33. How many towns have you lived in?
nine, five growing up and 4 since I moved away from home.

34. Do you make friends easily?
Depends, mostly yes.

I tag Kenna, Erin S, ToVah, Allison, and Kayla. Just fill one out and tag 6 people you know. Happy tagging!

Christmas Photos

So, I know this is a lot over due, but since I have nothing better to post here are some pictures from our wonderful Christmas morning in New Hampshire. Tyson finally figured out how to open the presents and got so excited after the first rip. Emma was impatient while watching him so she usually jumped in to help him. It was pretty funny.
Here is my mom and sister helping Tyson explore a new toy.
Love those stockings!

Our cute little bunny!!

Emma loves trying on new outfits and showing them off to everyone who will look.

Tyson cuddling with Grandma!

Friday, January 25, 2008

This is for ToVah

So ToVah asked me to find some pictures from when Tyson was about a year because she thinks Tyson and Zander look a like. I have to agree. There are some pictures where Tyson looks like Zander and where Zander looks like Tyson. You will have to be the judge for youselves, but I agree with ToVah.

PS. . .Sorry there aren't any closer-up ones but this is the best I could find.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our trip

'Here are some pictures of our trip. There are plenty more but we will spread it out over a couple of days. Emma and Tyson loved being at Grandma and Grandpa's. Many new things were learned. On of which is teasing. Tyson knows exactly how close to get before you can touch him and at that exact moment will do a 180 and run the other way laughing.
Emma learned how to look like a movie star. We were in the grocery store with her looking similar to this and we go so many comment on her and how cute she was that now every time we go to the store she want to look just like that again. It was really cute!

There was a train in the mall and Emma had a blast riding it all by herself.

Tyson learned to climb up on ALL the chairs at my parent's house!!! He thinks it is so great that all he does is climb up, look around, and drum his fingers on the table with a triumphant smile on his face. I wish that was all he did at home. Here he climbs up and reaches for anything and everything that is on the table. Nothing is safe up there anymore.

The kids loved spending time with their Aunt Mal.

Tyson's new favorite word in UNDER. He likes to hide under everything. Or hide his toys under everything. He loved to spend time under the reclining part of my parent's couch. This was ok as long as you knew he was there. He also adopted a favorite toy. Doggie as he is affectionatly known by. Tyson will not sleep without him or leave him in the bed so we have to keep pretty close tabs on him duing the day. Tyson with give him squeeses and kisses and throw him across the room. It is a fun relationship developing.

Happy Birthday Emma!!

So I am a couple days behind on Emma's birthday post. Sickness again plagues me. We had a great day with Emma. We made it very simple this year since we just got back and all. Emma insisted on a pink cake with pink frosting and she helped put the frosting and sprinkles on. It is crazy how these kids grow up and how fast the time goes. It is hard to think that Emma is 4 in some ways, in other ways she can seem much older. So we went to Chuck E. Cheese for her party with me, Stan,Tyson and Stan's sister Sarah. Emma had a great time. Even after an hour she was not wanting to go. So we stayed almost 2 hours and had a great time. Tyson even got in on the action. He was running this way and that not caring where mom or dad were. It was a little scary.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Home safe and sound!!!

Well, for all of you who have been wondering when the kids and I were getting back from our great adventures in New Hampshire with the Grandparents can know that we made it!! It was a great plane ride. We again had the whole row to ourselves and the kids even slept for an hour and a half of it which was heavensent!! We are glad to be home but sad to again be so far from my family. I seriously thought that by coming home we would have escaped the never ending snow but no. This morning we awoke to more snow!! It snowed 6 or 7 different times while I was at home. It was no inch or two but a foot or more in like 6 hours!!! It made a mess of things. I was really hoping to be done with snow for a long time. I don't mind if the montains get it because we need it but I don't want to have to shovel it, slip on it, or worry about sliding in the parking lot because there it snow. Sorry for my rant but I needed another outlet other than Stan. Sorry there are not pictures but the camera is still mix in with the many treasures we came home with that I am still trying to find places for.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Over the montains and through the skies to Grandmother's house we go

So I am sure some of you are thinking that I have totally abandoned my blog but rest assured we are still here. Things have been pretty crazy since we left on the 13th of December to come to far away New Hampshire to spend Christmas with my family. So I braved the long plane ride all by myself with two kids and it was GREAT. I am amazing kids, what can I say. They were so good. Emma and Tyson had a great time looking out the window at the clouds and montains and lots of white stuff as Emma said. She kept asking why there was so much white stuff down there. I told her is was snow and she said, "No its not, Mommy. There cannot be snow because it is hot down there." So after much explinations she still insisted it was hot and not cold for some crazy reason.

When we got on the plane they said all was looking good and that they were going to go as fast as they could because there was a HUGE snow storm expected in Boston by the time we were expected to arrive. So, as were her HUGE snow storm all the worstcase senerios start going through my mind. What if we don't land in Boston and have to spend the night in the airport somewhere. What if they loose my luggage and have no diapers. It was crazy. As it went we had to circle the airport for an hour and a half before we landed and it was quite a landing! The captian comes on the intercome and says "Because it is snowing extremely hard and the runway are only somewhat clear I am going to have to be agressive with the brakes when we land. So now I'm thinking, "Ok, what if we skid of the runway and spin out and get suck on the plane. Could anything go more wrong." Luckly the kids were great and had no idea what was going on. So we land and it was a fast breaking but we made it safe and sound.
Then there was the drive home at 5 pm going out of Boston in a HUGE snow storm. A drive that should have taken an hour and a half took 4 hours. It was crazy. The plows could not get through because there were too many cars on the road and them that had been abandoned because they ran out of gas or got stuck changing lanes. I have never seen a car left in the middle of a four lane highway before. It was nuts. I am just glad I packed a TON of snacks and that we got home safely. The van however overheated a mile from home and the engine is having to be rebuilt. It was a crazy night! Sorry to complain but it was a wild night. But we are here having a great time! Happy New Year!!