Monday, January 07, 2008

Over the montains and through the skies to Grandmother's house we go

So I am sure some of you are thinking that I have totally abandoned my blog but rest assured we are still here. Things have been pretty crazy since we left on the 13th of December to come to far away New Hampshire to spend Christmas with my family. So I braved the long plane ride all by myself with two kids and it was GREAT. I am amazing kids, what can I say. They were so good. Emma and Tyson had a great time looking out the window at the clouds and montains and lots of white stuff as Emma said. She kept asking why there was so much white stuff down there. I told her is was snow and she said, "No its not, Mommy. There cannot be snow because it is hot down there." So after much explinations she still insisted it was hot and not cold for some crazy reason.

When we got on the plane they said all was looking good and that they were going to go as fast as they could because there was a HUGE snow storm expected in Boston by the time we were expected to arrive. So, as were her HUGE snow storm all the worstcase senerios start going through my mind. What if we don't land in Boston and have to spend the night in the airport somewhere. What if they loose my luggage and have no diapers. It was crazy. As it went we had to circle the airport for an hour and a half before we landed and it was quite a landing! The captian comes on the intercome and says "Because it is snowing extremely hard and the runway are only somewhat clear I am going to have to be agressive with the brakes when we land. So now I'm thinking, "Ok, what if we skid of the runway and spin out and get suck on the plane. Could anything go more wrong." Luckly the kids were great and had no idea what was going on. So we land and it was a fast breaking but we made it safe and sound.
Then there was the drive home at 5 pm going out of Boston in a HUGE snow storm. A drive that should have taken an hour and a half took 4 hours. It was crazy. The plows could not get through because there were too many cars on the road and them that had been abandoned because they ran out of gas or got stuck changing lanes. I have never seen a car left in the middle of a four lane highway before. It was nuts. I am just glad I packed a TON of snacks and that we got home safely. The van however overheated a mile from home and the engine is having to be rebuilt. It was a crazy night! Sorry to complain but it was a wild night. But we are here having a great time! Happy New Year!!


Steve, ToVah, Avery, and Z said...

It is great to hear from you. Wow, Tyson isn't a little baby anymore. That is cool that you got to go to your moms house for Christmas. Did Stan get to go at all? When we flew this past summer, I guess Avery was still too little, because she just slept the whole way. When are you getting back? I hope you are having a great time.

Christian & Erin said...

What a crazy plane experience! I'm glad you made it safe and sound, and I bet you are having (or had) a wonderful time with your family.

Deneal said...

Oh my that sounds stressful! Hope the rest of the trip is/was(?) better.

Desta said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on here. I'd love to get together next month. We will be gone one weekend, but don't have any plans other than that. Just let me know what days/times work for you!