Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!!

So I am a couple days behind on Emma's birthday post. Sickness again plagues me. We had a great day with Emma. We made it very simple this year since we just got back and all. Emma insisted on a pink cake with pink frosting and she helped put the frosting and sprinkles on. It is crazy how these kids grow up and how fast the time goes. It is hard to think that Emma is 4 in some ways, in other ways she can seem much older. So we went to Chuck E. Cheese for her party with me, Stan,Tyson and Stan's sister Sarah. Emma had a great time. Even after an hour she was not wanting to go. So we stayed almost 2 hours and had a great time. Tyson even got in on the action. He was running this way and that not caring where mom or dad were. It was a little scary.


Christian & Erin said...

Emma is so big! Will you be doing preschool in the fall? I'm glad she had a fun birthday.

Heather said...

Emma is really big. We have thought about preschool but I am not sure. I know that she would love it but we will just have to see how things go this summer.