Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy Tyson

Both of my kids have problems finding pants. They are both tall and skinny. Emma wears a 5t for the length but I have to put in elastic or tighten them somehow to keep them from falling down. To get pants to fit around the waist she wears a 3T! Tyson has the same problem. He wears 12 month pants but they are too short and are just now starting to fit around the middle. Well these pants I attempted to fix but was not very successful. Tyson was going down the stairs and his pants came unsnapped. I was upstairs and all I hear is "Mommy fix it!!!" at the top of his lungs. So I ran downstairs to see what was going on and find Tyson like this laughing. So I pulled them up and went back to what I was doing. Then not two minutes later I hear both Emma and Tyson laughing for me to fis his pants again. He did it a couple more times before he just took off his pants and said "Eewwie pants." It was pretty funny.


The De Souzas said...

THAT is hilarious. I love the picture.

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Heather-The blackout material came from walmart. It was actually two panels that you buy as a set, a bit pricey ($24.99),and I cut some off of the ends to fit. I wish they had been a tid bit wider, but they still work really well as they are. They keep out a lot of cold air and light. Look for them in a package by the blinds.

Kayla said...

I just made my blog private, so email me at with your email.