Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The other two

Emma wanted me to talk about her going to preschool. She absolutly loves it. She always asks if it is a preschool day and if not she mopes for a few minutes and then asks if tomorrow is and then she is happy. It is really fun to see her grow up. It is also a little scary to think that next year she will be in kindergarten! Tyson misses her when she is gone but he also likes having time with mom without Emma. Tyson is just a busy as ever and is enjoying dressing up with Emma. He and Emma dress up in dresses and dance to music. Tyson is very graceful and has a ton of fun. I can never find the camera when they are doing this, so picutres are forthcoming. Stan came home one day while they were dancing and he just shook his head and after dinner took Tyson outside to play ball and do boy things. I think it is cute. Grandma sent him a suit that she found and he loves it. It is a struggle to get him to take it off at night. He is really funny.


Erin said...

What adorable children! Emma's hair is getting so long. I'm glad you are sleeping a little more.

The De Souzas said...

What beautiful kids you guys have! Emma and Tyson are getting so big. And I'm like you--I love the cuddle bug stage, where they'll nuzzle you for as long as you like. Nothing feels so good.

Terri said...

Haven't checked your blog for a while-----love seeing all the updated pictures and hearing the news. Your baby is beautiful and fits right in with the rest of the kiddos. Love to you all. Love your blog background. Who did this you or Stan?