Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lily's Blessing

We were able to bless Lily the Sunday before Conference and it was wonderful. I love baby blessings. For all of my kids they have helped to give a little insight to their lives. Stan blessed Lily that she would be a peace maker. I guess there is just a little contention in our house for Lily to have been blessed with this. I think it is great. Every family needs one. Lily is so special. She brings such a great spirit into our house. With every thing that is going on and the impressions Stan had while he blessed Lily makes me really wonder what these children are going to have to do and live through here on earth. It makes me want to be the best parent I can and give my kids a strong foundation in the Gospel and a love of the Savior.

I love baby blessings for other reasons too. It is a great excuse for all the family to get together. It also helped me to be motivated to get the house in order too. Thanks to the help of my cousin, we finally hung frames on the wall and decorated the dining and baby room. It is great to see my house finally starting to come together. It has only taken a year and a half to get it done.


Erin said...

That is a gorgeous blessing dress!

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

What a beautiful baby, and dress! I love baby blessings too!

Mrs. Organic said...

She looks so pretty, I'm sorry we couldn't be there.