Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny Tyson

Sunday morning we were listening to the Children's hymns on CD and Tyson wanted to dance. He and Emma have fun dancing to music and today he decided he needed and dress. Not one dress but two on at the same time. He thought it was the greatest. Emma and I just laughed. Luckily, Stan was at a meeting to he did not see this happen. When Stan did come home he tried to get Tyson out of the dresses. It was not an easy task. Tyson wanted to wear them to church. Stan was not going to have anything to do with that!!!

"I'm not doing anything wrong, Dad."


Mrs. Organic said...

We used to do this to Chad all the time and we accessorized him with beads and a handbag - drove my dad nuts.

Kayla said...

How funny! There's such a double standard. Girls can play with boy toys but boys cant play with girly toys? I totally understand where Stan would be coming from though. Jake would do the same.

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

That's too funny! I have a feeling that if a boy ever makes it to our family, this is bound to happen!