Friday, March 19, 2010

Emma's new do!

A couple of weeks ago Emma wanted a hair cut. She came up with what she wanted! Short with bangs.

Funny story:
a couple of days before she got her hair cut she new she wanted bangs but didn't know what they were called. She explained them to me as bumps on your forehead. I knew instantly what she meant and tried to reminder what they are called. When Stan got home she wanted to share with him her idea for how to cut her hair. She explained that she wanted bumps and left it at that. Stan's eyes got very big and looked at me for help. I started to laugh. Then I explained that she meant bangs. It was so funny. I almost left him hanging for a moment but decided not to since I am such a nice person. ;)

1 comment:

LisaJ said...

Those "bumps" look so cute on her! ;)