Monday, November 05, 2007


Halloween was great this year. Emma had a hard time choosing a costume. If you asked her what she wanted to be she would say, "First I wanted to be a cowgirl, then it was a witch, and I finally decided to be a purple princess." She would say it so matter-of-factly that you thought she stood infront of a mirror and practiced it. It is really interesting now that she has an opinnion of how things should be. I am glad we did not have to buy things for the three different costumes. Just the cowgirl and the princess. So I know what she will be next year!!!

As you can see Tyson REALLY did not enjoy his costume. The first time I tried it on him he cried like I hurt him. Maybe it was because he did not think Grandma was very funny in thinking he should be a chicken because of his name. He was a great sport on Halloween. He kept it on through the Trunk-or-treat and in the car ride to my aunt's house in Orem. Tyson sure made a pretty cute chicken. Emma now wears he costume for dress up EVERY day. I am glad she is getting more than one wear out of it.

Tyson has such a little personality that is picture makes me laugh!!! At least he stood still long enough for me to take the picture!!


Steve, ToVah, Avery, and Z said...

Holy Cow Tyson is getting sooooo big. That is really cute that he was a chicken for Halloween. Very Fitting!
How are you guys doing? How is your new house? How do the kids like it. We have a new We would love to hear from you guys

Heather said...

Thanks. Your kids are huge too! Things are great. It is hard to believe that is has been 6 months. Tyson and Emma are having great fun. There is a girl next door that is the same age as Emma and it is not a happy day unless they get to play together!

Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

Hey Heather! So great too see that you guys have a blog! Your kids are so stinkin cute...I can't believe how much they've changed since we moved out of the 7th ward. Love to hear from ya...take care!

The Lunts said...

I can't believe how big your kids are! Emma still looks the same, but Tyson looks completely different. Cute Halloween costumes, by the way.