Sunday, October 15, 2006


Things are going well at the Skeem household. We were able to enjoy some company from Massachusetts. My friend and her family were out here for her husband's mission reunion and wanted to show off their adorable 4 month old Noah. It was crazy with two babies in the house but Emma had fun playing mommy to the two babies and helped to keep them entertained. She was always concerned when either of them cried and sad when they were sleeping. It was really cute.
Stan has two months left of school and is starting to feel the pressure. But he cannot wait to be done!!! Neither can his wife!!!! Heather is having fun staying at home and trying to still get things done occasionally.
Tyson and Emma get along really well. Let's hope that it stays that way as he starts to get more mobile. It is sweet how much Tyson loves her. He is always trying to find her if he can hear her. And we even caught it on print without realizing it.

How sweet!!

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