Monday, July 07, 2008

A week of amazing accomplishments

So for starters, I watched my cousin's children while they moved and we had a great sleepover! All the children slept through the night. It was great. We had so much fun we cannot wait to do it again!

Tyson has had some big accomplishments also. Ever since Tyson started in nursery in February, it is a struggle to get him to be happy and not cry for mom. Then for the last two Sundays Tyson has actually started running to go to nursery. It was such a great sight that Stan and I could not believe it. What made the sudden change? I don't know and I am not going to question it. I am just glad the it has finally happened, and before the baby came.

The other big step in Tyson's life is bed time without the binki!!! Saturday, Tyson was being Tyson and not listening to us at bed time. So we started to reason with him which actually works, especially when the binki is involved. So we told him he had to do as we asked or there would be no binki for bed. He just kept on doing what he was doing and then when we put him in bed he realized that there was no binki. He cried for maybe ten minutes before he went to sleep and slept the whole night. So for nap time on Sunday we decided to see if he would go down without it again. He did!! Tyson still asks for it but he only cries for 10 minutes and then he is asleep. I think we may have broken the habit.

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Desta said...

Way to go! I think Zoe will sleep with a pacifier until she is 12. At least it is only bed/nap time and she lets us take it away during the day.