Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyson

Sunday was Tyson's birthday. It is hard to believe that he is 2. We got him a train table and some trains and it is the greatest thing ever. Emma and Tyson have had so much fun playing with it since Sunday. It was a great birthday.

We decided to spread it out over two days so we could have fun. So for Family night we went and fed the ducks because the kids have always wanted to and we just haven't yet. They had so much fun. We even got some of the ducks to come pretty close. It was a great time. Tyson would run after the ducks saying hi and they would run away. It was really funny to watch. The kids had a great time. It was a great birthday!!!!!


Steve, ToVah, Avery, and Z said...

Hey Heather,
Any baby yet? Let me know. I hope everything goes well, and if you need any help, please let me know.

Garner Family said...

I found your blog! I hope everything went well on wed. Let me know if you need anything!!!