Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big things are happening!!!

Things are busy around our house these days, but who's isn't? Tyson annouced about a month ago he wanted to go potty on the big potty. We have had our ups and our downs. He can stay dry but chooses not to. It is extremly frustrating. We have tried big boy underwear and he doesn't care that he leaks! Plus he won't poop on the potty either! Tyson still tries and I am extremely happy about it, I just wish we were done!! If I had is my way we would have waited until his birthday to start but he thought he was ready.

Now that Lily is fully mobile things are even more of an adventure. She loves the bathroom and wants to be there whenever Tyson goes potty. She also love to see the potty after he is done!! Lily is definatly a character and very strong willed. If you dare take anything away you had better give it back or she will give you an earfull and try to take it back! Her and Tyson have not been getting along lately. I cannot imagine why :). Tyson likes to be another mom. It is great we have three moms and a dad.

Lily loves to pull herself up everywhere now. She discovered that she can climb onto the downstairs couch when the cushins are off. Which thanks to the older kids is always! It is fun to watch her grow and do new things. It also makes me crazy because she love cords, stairs, couches, and beds. She also likes to pounce on people when they are on the floor, expecially mom and Tyson. It is great fun.

Stan is still self employed. It has been three months and we are still surviving! It is great. This is what he has wanted to do but I sure hope work picks up a little very soon! The kids love having him home for lunch but don't like it what he cannot play with them. They are adjusting well though.


Erin said...

Lily is such a cutie!

I'm sorry the potty training is so frustrating. We were going through it last year - I remember how awful it can be sometimes :(

Terri said...

Wow! You are taking on some big things! All the standard fun things moms get to do. Long time since I have seen the kids---hint hint. When is your mom coming? I hear it everyone that is coming --that right?
Love you sweet auntie(really)

Mallory said...

lily is so cute and ty and emma are growing up so fast!!

Denise said...

your kids are adorable!
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