Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm back!!!

Since it has been so long since I posted I will do the highlights. It has been a crazy winter! This is really long and more for me and the familys so I will not be offended if you don't read on.

On August 20, Lily turned one. We had such a blasted watching what she did with her candle we thought we would share.

She is growing up so fast. She took her first steps on October 4th and since then she is off. We have a hard time containing her now. But she is so much happier I would not have it any other way. Her favorite place to be is standing on a chair at the table getting into all sorts of things. Lily now has 9 teeth! This is huge for us since she did not have ANY before Halloween. Now she eats a few more things but not many. It is really fun listening to her talk. She says so many things including no, sippe(sp?), daddy, cracker, and nummy. She however does not say mom! I love this in a way because she can cry and I don't have to listen to her cry my name!

Emma has had a big few months also. She started Kindergarten in August and loves it. The first Saturday after school started she cried because she wanted to go everyday of the week. It is really fun to watch her learn to read. I love to have her sit down and read me a book. It is a nice change. Emma is reading on a first grade level and would read everything if she could. It is really fun to watch her grow and learn. She is officially a big kid!

I had the opportunity in September to go on a field trip to the fire station. It was great fun. Tyson even got to come with me and loved seeing all the trucks and hear the sounds and see the insides.

Tyson has had to learn to do things without Emma these last few months. Sometimes he loves it and other times he doesn't. Tyson does love to dress up along with the girls and we get the best laugh out of it. He is a great big brother to Lily, except with she steals his toys and runs away laughing and holding out her hand so he cannot get past him. He was Peter Pan for Halloween and insisted on having a sword to "kill the pirates that he finds." Be careful though because he might think that you are a pirate and come behind you and kill you when you least expect it! This is quite fun to Tyson. Lily even thinks it looks like fun!!!

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Thanksgiving we got to go to Idaho Falls to where my brother-in-law's sister lives. My brother-in-law and sister met us there and we had a great time. We even spent the night at Walmart so my bil could get the tv he wanted! It was crazy. I am not sure I ever want to do walmart on black friday again!!!

For Christmas we were able to do Christmas morning at our house which was awesome! It is so fun to watch the kids' faces. Lily had more fun watching than opening anything. We went to Stan's parents for Christmas dinner and spent the weekend. It was a great time.
Stan is still plugging away at his business and we are still here to tell about it. He likes being his own boss. It is nice having him home some times so I can go to the store while the kids are sleeping during the day and not have to take them with me.

P.S. Grandma, there are more picture coming!


heidizinha said...

yeah! i'm so glad you're back! cute pictures--your kids are adorable!

Cornett Family said...

Yay - I'm glad you're back Heather!

Mallory said...

what?!?! grandma?!!?

what about auntiemal i want more pics!! kids are really growing up i miss them alot!!