Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lily turns 3!!

 It is hard to believe Lily is three!  She was so excited after Tyson's birthday because she knew hers was coming.  Everyday she would ask if it was her birthday and we would say no.  She then asked how many days til it was her birthday.  Everyday she told us she was almost a big girl.  So on the morning of her birthday when we told her it was her birthday she very matter-of-factly told us she was now a big girl and could go to school and chew gum (niether of which she is able to do yet).  Stan and I laughed.  I guess that is what she associated being a big girl with.  Too bad she still refuses to eat dinner. 

We had a great day.  I made a cupcake cake that Lily thought was pretty neat.  Then after naps we went up the canyon where there is a park and a big grassy field.  the kids love to play there and are always asking so we thought is was a great excuse to go up there.  
Emma gave Lily some necklaces and she loves to show them off.

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