Sunday, November 16, 2008


So this is a little overdue. We have had a crazy busy month!!! My dad came to visit the week before Halloween. It was so fun to see him. The kids thought he was great. Lily even warmed up to him. Pictures are coming as soon as I get them from a certain someone!

my cute little cow!

Now all we need is a horse!

The day before Halloween I got to go help in Emma's preschool class. It was a great time. I loved seeing how she interacts with other kids and how she does in class. It is hard to believe how she is growing up.

As for Halloween its self we went to the ward trunk or treat where the kids got tons of candy. It was really nice that is was so warm because we did not have to stress too bad about Lily being too cold. She was a great sport in her cow costume that Tyson also wore also. This year's costumes were just by chance. My mom found Tyson's costume a couple of years ago and Emma had everything in her closet. It is nice when things work out so well. It was a fun night. Tyson was very mellow around all the scary faces and costumes. I don't think he fully understood what was going on.

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They look so cute!