Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lily time

So it has been a while since I posted some pictures of Lily. She is getting so big it is fun. She is smiling all the time now. She is also starting to laugh. I have gotten her to laugh a couple of times but Stan has failed in his attempts. Lily is a joy. She is starting to sleep though the night. Sometimes she will sleep 6 hours or 4 or one in a while she will sleep 9 hours!!!! She is getting easier and it is nice. Lily is pretty mellow. There are times when you cannot get her to sleep or figure our why she is fussy. But as a whole she is very good. Emma and Tyson are enjoying the fact that she is getting better able to interact with them. It is really sweet to watch Lily respond to them and follow the sound of their voices. Sometimes I think she wants to get down and play with them. It will be an adventure I am sure when she does.


Shelane said...

i love the second pic with tyson holding her. so cute.

Biesinger Fam said...

Oh, Lily is so cute. What beautiful kids you have. Love the pic's.

The Pratt Pack said...

So sweet. They grow so fast huh? She is adorable!